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Four Reasons to Ditch the ‘Gimmick’ Phone Greeting

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By: Rommel Anacan  |  The Relationship Difference

If your employees answer phones onsite with some variation of these greetings:


“It’s a GREAT day at Quail Run Apartments!”
“It’s a BEAUTIFUL day at The Enclave!”
“It’s an awesome morning at Eagle Creek. Home of world-class service, 24 hour apartment maintenance, Satisfaction Award winner for 3 years running, fresh-baked cookies, and the best coffee outside of Seattle…!”

After Sandy… Now What?

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7 Suggestions to help you plow through the Chaos

By: Nick Frantz

In October, Hurricane Sandy slammed the east coast and wiped out entire communities. Sandy, the largest Atlantic mega storm on record, caused 100 deaths; an estimated $50 billion in damages; demolished hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses; and left millions of households and businesses without electricity, heat, water and provisions.

If you’re struggling with the aftermath, there may not be a lot that’s within your control. But sometimes, even one or two adjustments to your recovery plan can make a difference. Here are seven ideas that may give you some command over the chaos.

1.  Do you have a crisis team? Although your entire staff may be in crisis, assemble a crisis team anyway and assign specific responsibilities: civil and resident communications, utilities and supplies, property repairs, street and transportation updates, etc. Bring your team together in a physical location, conference call or social media site for daily updates. Let them know your expectations and maintain regular contact with them.


2.  Get frequent updates from FEMA, state, and local recovery teams. Google “FEMA updates” and choose from several options. Do the same for your local municipalities and utility companies. Stay updated on:

– How long your area will be affected; when utilities and services will be fully restored and when to expect outages

– Local status of transportation, street conditions, tunnel and bridge openings, availability of provisions and supplies, etc.

3.  Commit to regular and frequent communications with your residents. Send short, direct messages to keep them updated on every aspect of the recovery efforts (for your property and your local area). Keep your messages simple, but provide specific details. Whether they’re on your site or not, your residents want to be kept informed.

4.  Use as many communication mediums as possible. Communications may be erratic for you and also for your residents. Use as many contact numbers and mediums as possible: land lines, cell phones, email, websites and social media sites.

5.  Set up alternative communication sites using social media. During Sandy, when communications were overwhelmed or failed, social media became the reliable go-to medium. Set up go-to sites on social media to ensure that you can communicate with your staff and your residents.


6.  Protect your records and your data. It’s your responsibility to protect sensitive data and documents (bank records, account numbers, social security numbers). Make sure you subscribe to a data backup service. This is a good time to rethink what types of hardcopies you really need to keep.

7.  Prepare for a long recovery period. Stay prepared for intermittent power, water and supply shortages and outages. Budget these resources and always keep your cell phone charged. Always get the important things done in case you unexpectedly lose power. Conserve your water and other supplies in spite of recovery progress.  Shortages may suddenly occur.

If your property is in a recovery zone, you’ll be facing enormous challenges in the months ahead. The steps you take now to take charge, stay updated and keep others informed will help your recovery and hopefully ease frustrations for yourself, your team and your residents.

About Nick Frantz

Nick Frantz is the National Sales Manager for Property Management Solutions at One Call Now, where he has worked since March 2011. He specializes in Property Management solutions – commercial and residential – assisting in communications between property managers and staff/residents. Nick holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Miami University.

One Call Now 726 Grant St. Troy, OH 45373 |  Phone: 937-573-2331

Doing More with Less

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5 Tips for Facing the Unrelenting Challenge

By Nick Frantz

“We need to do more with less.” At work, at home, in our communities… the mandate is unrelenting. It’s a challenge; but it’s also a reality. So let’s approach it with a positive mind set. After all, doing more with less means becoming more efficient.

Identifying Human Trafficking

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How Property Managers and Multi-Family Employees Can Help Identify Human Trafficking

By: Elizabeth Whited

To be honest, have you ever considered your role in your community when it comes to helping to uncover and end human trafficking? I had to ask myself the same question, because until I began working for my company, I was unaware of the extent of this issue, and how professionals in the Real Estate Industry have the ability to change it.

Apple Newsstand App Release Announcement

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Apartment Management Magazine Premieres Apple Newsstand Apps for Monthly Magazines

Apartment News Publications, Inc collaborates with Bluepaper LLC to develop free Apps for Apple Mobile devices!

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – November 6, 2012 – Apartment News Publications, Inc. has announced the release of the publication’s first free iPhone & iPad applications.  Monthly readers, consisting of Multi-Family & Commercial Property Owners and Managers, will now have the ability to access magazine articles, service vendor contact information, as well as have immediate access to web based features within the app through a WiFi or 3G cellular connection or better.

‘It’s a Mold Problem, Trust Me…’ Really?!?!

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By: Jason Harris

This article is an in depth exploration of the concepts “Test Only” and “Conflict of Interest” in the mold services industry.

Test Only

Property Managers need to perform a certain amount of due diligence when investigating the frequent occurrence of tenants who complain about mold.  Sometimes there is a problem, other times there is not. A test only company will perform an inspection of the unit, collect moisture readings, and collect samples to confirm or rule out a mold problem. A certified mold inspector will usually tell you if there is no problem.  A full service mold removal (Test and Remove) company will usually tell you there definitely is a problem.